Sunday, August 21, 2016

Cpl Dick Ebbeson nose art

Richard "Dick" Ebbeson was an aircraft armorer and the squadron artist for the 528th Bomb Squadron.

At least ten B24s of the 528th can be attributed to him and his finesse and reputation increased with each newly painted Liberator. His earlier nose arts favoured a single female figure superimposed on a circle or rectangular block of colour but two of his later works featured elaborate and complex designs in a more illustrative cartoon style incorporating great detail.

"A Wing an' 10 Prayers" includes no less than nine detailed caricatures of crew members and the tramp in "Bread Line in '49" is a work of complex detail and modelling. By contrast, his earlier female figures are portrayed in a skilled simplicity, with perfect finely drawn outline and subtle shading in of shadow to create the form.
from a B 24d manual.

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