Sunday, August 14, 2016

rail inspection car on Oahu made from a 1930 Studebaker

Photo by Victor Norton


  1. It is earlier than 1930, probably 1926, although the headlights and bumper are not original to the car. Studebakers of this era are not easy to date exactly. This one is a Big Six with a factory supplied duplex phaeton body.

    1. the book I got the photo from says it's a 1930. So, that is what I went with. I seriously don't have time to fact check everything, and I leave it to you readers to point out the errors and inaccuracies. It's astonishing how vast the ocean of knowledge is out there from all the readers, and I know so darn little. I learn more every day though. Thanks for the correction! The book mentioned that the 3rd light was an add on, and I didn't even bother mentioning that, because, well... it's a car that's been adapted for rail, there's probably a lot that was modified. I noticed they left the steering wheel in though.

  2. This looks like the ancestor of the "Dub" wheel phenomenon.