Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Overgrown, the Jeep with nose art, built out of two salvaged jeeps

S/Sgt Stanley Brown of Richmond, Va., an Ordnance worker at a Consolidated B-24 Liberator group of the 15th AF, Italy, dreamed up this oversized jeep which he built out of two salvaged jeeps from front line dumps. Vehicle seats nine


the 15th was established on Nov 1943 in Tunisia as part of the WW2 Mediterranean Theater of Operations (MTO) as a strategic air force and commenced combat operations the day after it was formed. The first commander was General Jimmy Doolittle.
Primary strategic bombardment Air Force of the MTO operating from airfields in Southern Italy.

Had 15 B-24 groups (90 airplanes), and 210 B 17s  conducting bombing raids against targets in Italy, then took part in raids on Germany, Austria, Hungary, Yugoslavia, and Romania. Supported the invasion of southern France.

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