Monday, August 15, 2016

Georgia Peach P 51 of Lt. King from the 355th Fighter Squadron

22 bombing missions with 2 German planes destroyed, 1 locomotive, and 2 troop carriers, and 5 patrol sweep missions, But what are the the marching men, those are new to me...

On the 1st line included three brushes (sweeps) representing combat patrols or free hunt over enemy territory, 10 bomber escort missions, 1 destroyed locomotive  and 2 strafing armed convoys of DCA.

On the second line, in addition to the previously described signs is figured flag Nazi and half of another indicats 1 win and another in cooperation (in the USAAF, victories on the ground are also counted as wins) the figures represent 5 strafing concentration of troops.

"Later, in 1944, the squadron became involved in dive-bombing and strafing missions, striking railroad yards, bridges, troop concentrations, and airfields."

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