Wednesday, August 17, 2016

what the hell is that vehicle in the lower right? Jeep and firefighting trailer?

but wow, Steve thought I meant the lower left ( he was facing south instead of north, and looking in a mirror, and thought I said my left, his right, while trying to point to it behind he head.. and that is the best I can come up with for getting your left and right confused... ) but hey, he came though with an incredible asset, the military guide to USA WW2 military vehicles.

and I hadn't even noticed that! Cool find!

A Jeep facing right with a trailer parked in front of drop tanks, and with a fold up top extended?

at Kings Cliffe air base where the 20th Fighter Group were stationed between 26 August 1943 and 11 October 1945.


  1. A Jeep with a firefighting trailer.

    1. 10 points to you Lee, thanks!

  2. Those aren't drop tanks, those look like high pressure oxygen cylinders. My guess would be that the Jeep is towing a trailer full of oxygen cylinders used to replenish the breathing oxygen supply on aircraft. And, it looks like there's a bicycle parked behind the trailer.