Friday, August 19, 2016

The Dazzlin Duchess, photo taken after having nose-wheel failure while taking off when the nose wheel gear wouldn't raise.

When informed that the nose wheel of his B 24 was not down and landing the planes would be dangerous business, Texan pilot 1st Lt Schott told his crew to abandon ship, but the crew voted to stand by. Having time before landing to consider the options, as they had just taken off with a full tank of gas, Schott told the crew to get aft, and weigh the tail down. Schott then made final approach on the airfield at 110 mph, and the extra weigh on the tail kept the nose up while dragging the tail, still allowing for a 3 point landing.

That was good thinking, and bubbleheads know that maneuver is called a trim party, and will mess with the cow and the dive.

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