Wednesday, August 03, 2016

let me share a bad news good news story: "I had just exited the last turn onto the front straight when all hell broke loose."

I was about to merge back when I checked my mirrors again I saw the large fireball.

My first reaction was “Oh no, what’s happened to the BMW?!?”. Before I could even finish that thought I realized that the flames were coming from me.

My very next thought was “Oh fuck, I’m on fire.” I lifted and started trying to slow the car down.

The heat from the flames must have been very intense as the brake fluid boiled and the brake pedal went to the floor. So now I’m still running 100+ MPH on fire with no brakes.

With no hydraulic brakes I tried to use the emergency brake. I knew that I couldn’t yank it up because it would lock the rear wheels causing me to lose what little bit of control I had.

About 20% through the travel of the lever, the e brake cable snapped.

Sometime during all this, I had turned the car off. So I’ve got zero brakes and no power steering. By now I’ve also got fire in the cabin and I’m still hauling ass burning like a meteor on reentry.

I did the only other thing I knew to do. I put the car in first gear and dumped the clutch. Some how I was able to get the car stopped without losing control less than 30’ from corner station and the fire extinguishers.

I got out of the car and raced to grab an extinguisher and started fighting the fire myself. The safety crew got to me within seconds and quickly got the fire put out. I walked away without a scratch. I never felt the heat from the fire. I am certain that I had someone riding with me keeping me safe. It wasn’t my time to die.

Ford and his local dealer are replaced his toasted 2016 GT350 with a 2017 GT350R.
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