Wednesday, August 03, 2016

China really did go ahead and build a prototype of the twice high bus that drives over traffic... huh! I wonder if it will get green lit and go into regular use and production?


  1. I think this is really cool and all that....but I have concerns about people driving thru what is essentially a moving tunnel. I would think that some people are really going to have an issue with their equilibrium or vertigo or something, not sure what to call it.

    1. no worries, look at a film clip from any big city 100 years ago, and people were driving some primitive cars around trains, trolley street cars, horses, bicyclists, and motorcycles. We can do this, not even a big deal

  2. If I hadn't seen the outside of the vehicle, from the interior shot I would have assumed it was some kind of ocean-going strip club! Look at all those stripper poles!