Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Four cars stored for 40 years, by one guy... and it's a mystery why anyone would just ignore them for 40 years, when instead they could drive and enjoy them. A Ferrari, a Cobra, a Cortina, and a Lister Chevy remained in hibernation until their owner died

1962 260 Shelby AC Cobra 260 cu in (CSX 2034) only has 4700 miles on it.

1951 Ferrari 212 Barchetta

1958 Lister Chevrolet



  1. Hmm. Can we say Eccentricity?!

  2. Thank God for hoarders!....look what they release into the world.

  3. Since reading the story, i sit here salivating over the images of what was 'Found' and am wracked with dismay.
    "Fully restored to better than factory."
    What an idiot!, what sort of custodians are these people?

    I understand the problem with an opinion is that everyone has one, But i don't think im alone when I say, the real prize was what was found in the first place. Preservation of its authenticity should have been paramount. Haven't we all heard big Wayne Carini tell us over and over again, "its only original once".

    It took 65 years of hands on, and doing what it was built to do to look that good. I know I'm a bit weird, but I like to see barbed wire scars on the leather on my seats because it reminds me that it was once a cow my ass is now planted on. Justice is done to the animal when its existence is acknowledged. I feel the same about old race cars. I like seeing all the wobbly bits. The hammer marks that were never really taken out, or the wrinkles in the front rails from when it hit another in '59, I love the slightly dodgy idiosyncrasies of a race car of a more primitive era.

    Like a WW2 vet that can show the scars of theater, 3D tangible credibility worn with pride and impossible to replicate.

    The car will never again be pushed to its limits the way a race car is meant to be. It will never again have opportunity to rub itself down the side of another while fighting for supremacy at the hands of mad men...
    No more racing cred to be had, get out that bondo and skim away.

    1. the frustration of the bystander, which we all are, to not be able to do the right thing when some one in control of a situation is determined to make a mistake. I feel ya

    2. but preservation is not paramount, the wishes of the owner, whom can afford to purchase it, is actually the only matter to consider. After all, will you let anyone order you around on how to treat your possessions? Nope. To someone else, who may not share your outlook and philosophy of ownership, the way you neglect to do anything with, oh for example, a book in your home, may be as egregious an issue as what we feel about someone over restoring, and then just museum storing a real cool old race car. Thank goodness there is a vintage sports car racing group of guys that still get it, and enjoy their race cars every year on the track.


  4. They paved paradise
    And put up a parking lot