Monday, August 01, 2016

believed to be the oldest photograph of an American locomotive.

The John Stevens, and it's enormous chimney, designed to suppress sparks on the combustible grasslands of America. The two sideways projections at the bottom are for the removal of cinders.


  1. Anonymous2:01 PM

    Just had a look at that website. Fascinating stuff which I must make time to read in detail.

    1. exactly what my thoughts were... but until I do, if you find something really cool, let me know!

  2. Anonymous6:03 PM

    I am reading a book about steam loco designers and it seems the well known broad gauge Lord of the Isles was sitting at the Swindon workshops in perfectly good useable order, even though it was obsolete with no broad gauge track to run it on. In 1906 it was decided that the space was needed for other uses so it was scrapped, when there were people who wanted it preserved.