Tuesday, July 05, 2016

the DeSoto, the mechanic that last worked on it, and the crackhead who stole it and sold it

In 2012 Bob received a call from a crackhead (literally, it was proven in court). The crackhead said he had an antique car in the garage and wanted to sell it to Bob for $400.00. Bob packed up the flatbed and headed into Baltimore.

The crackhead came out and signed a receipt for the sale of the car then Bob headed on his way. As he looked in the rearview mirror Bob kept thinking that the car looked familiar. Finally he took it to a carwash and sprayed the car down, it looked like new with all the dust removed.

As Bob cleaned the car an oil change tag on the driver’s side door caught his attention. He looked down and saw that he was the last mechanic to do an oil change on this very car. His signature was still on the sticker.

When Bob went to file for a salvage title he found that the car was listed as stolen and then he learned the rest of the story.

 The old man’s daughter told Bob that her father passed away shortly after that last oil change and the car had sat in the garage since then. She visited the car weekly until it disappeared and she figured her crackhead nephew had scrapped it.

She met with Bob and gave him all her father’s photo albums and records pertaining to the car. The car had found its way back to its mechanic and she was happy with that.


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