Monday, July 04, 2016

100 years ago

Augusta and Adeline Van Buren were 24 and 22 at the time, respectively, when they became one of the first people to cross America by motor vehicle

The Sisters' Centennial Motorcycle Ride departs today, leaving from Brooklyn and heading briefly north to Springfield, Massachusetts, the ancestral home of Indian. From there, the journey traces the Lincoln Highway—America's first interstate roadway—and hits such notable points as the AMA Hall of Fame in Columbus, Ohio, the Rocky Mountain Motorcycle Museum in Colorado, and Pikes Peak. Proceeds from the event will go to Final Salute, a charity that helps homeless female veterans, and the Women's Coalition of Motorcyclists.

I covered this last October

Two charities will be funded as a result of the Sisters’ Centennial Motorcycle Ride’s event efforts: Final Salute: A national women’s veterans’ organization which provides temporary and permanent housing for the over 500,000 homeless female veterans in the United States and Women’s Coalition of Motorcyclists: Providing funding for motorcycle train-the-trainer scholarships that will help enlarge the number of female instructors and coaches for road, dirt and track.

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