Monday, July 04, 2016

that rare occasion when a bicyclist out paces a motor biker


  1. Speaking as a motorcyclist, those two guys are an embarrassment to our species - not as much for being overtaken by a bicyclists, but the braking, the accelerating and those lines they took through the curves. The horror! Bet their chicken strips are an inch-and-a-half wide too.

    1. Ha! yes, they sure were going slow and safe... I think they just began riding, as most bikers are looking to see how low they can lean through the corners

  2. PS Speaking as a bicyclist (I'm from Denmark, where everybody rides a bicycle), the bicycle racer should sit down and have a good long chat with his survival instinct. There's room for improvement.

  3. Another bicyclist here. Whether that was legal or not on his part, that showed a remarkable lack of good judgement. Might have been fun (I'm sure) but not very smart.

    One good crash into that guard rail, and he'd never ride a bike again.