Thursday, July 07, 2016

It didn't have 4 wheel drive, winches, cb radios, coolers, ac, stereo, and still went off roading. When things were self evident, and there were no posers with chrome rims, led light bars, and go-pros

the Model T: it made America great, with men that made America great.

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  1. No AC? you mean like - the savages?

    1. yup, bugs in their teeth and sunburnt to a crisp while swatting at mosquitos. Savages. FWIW, I've got a 69 R/T with nothing more highly technical than power brakes and steering... and a 2015 Hyundai with the works. One is fun to drive, the other is a great commuter for comfort on 6 hour trips to SEMA and Phoenix, and 2 hour trips to LA car shows. If anyone said, hey, here's a slow ol VW bus, or Bug, or Morgan, I'd probably trade them the Hyundai and enjoy every drive.

    2. but until then? AC DC and whatnot though the 500 watt amp and subwoofer while air conditioned listening to XM radio

    3. I understand the routine - I've an old K5 with no AC but it does have power vague steering, the steering wheel is there solely to provide frequent course corrections and to hold the non-functioning horn button. Bought an Abarth in 12 and immediately got soft & spoiled by AC and a radio I can hear.

    4. Ha! ac and radio are mighty nice things!