Thursday, July 07, 2016

the 70's had some strange stuff made as technology improved, and kids were suckered into buying those strange things with the new color tvs, in commercials during the all Saturday morning cartoons

When you twist the throttle, a "striker" cyclically strikes a "resonator cone", making a simulated two-stroke engine sound.

The toy was made by the Ideal Toy Corporation who went on to introduce the Rubik's Cube (considered to be the world's best selling toy) and did very well off of that toy craze in the early 1980's. However, profits began to decline and, in 1982, the founder's grandson sold the company to CBS Toys for $58 million. CBS sold it to Viewmaster in 1987, then Viewmaster was bought by Tyco two years later, which merged with Mattel in 1997. End of the line.


  1. Had one of these on my bike growing up. Sure thought I was cool for a while. Thanks for posting!

  2. That was a cool accessory. Much better than a bulb horn or bar end streamers. I also remember the plastic spoke covers that would go "clinka-clink" as you rode slowly. I'd give a competitor in the Tour de France a dollar if they'd complete a stage with the RAW POWER handlebar accessory!

  3. I distinctly remember one of my brother's friends having one of these. I was just too small to ride the bike a lot of static "revvving" took place!