Sunday, July 03, 2016

I just learned Barris didn't create this show car

The Red Foxx Lil Red Wrecker...was originally called The Turnpike Hauler and was designed and built by Bob Resiner and Jay Ohrberg in 1970. Basically an art car made for display only, it was truly "all show, no go". In 1974 it was acquired by George Barris, who painted it red and renamed it Lil' Redd Wrecker


  1. Barris had a habit of doing that, he also claimed he created the Monkeemobile with Dean Jeffries, where Jeffries created it alone. Barris mearely bought the original, displayed it at 'Cars of the Stars' and also created a replica. Showman or liar?

    1. I've seen a lot of stuff attributed to Barris... that I've seen others made. The Porter in My Mother The Car was Norm Grabowski, and Barris is often just the generic answer when uninformed people need to just label some car with a maker

  2. Barris also did that with the General Lee, and the one closer to my garage, Herbie the Love Bug. The Herbie cars were built for the most part in house at Disney Studios.

    I read an interview once where Barris said it was easier for him to tell people that he built this car or that car rather than to let them down by saying he didn't build it. I guess that helped him sleep at night.