Monday, June 06, 2016

There are good Samaritans and there are great ones, and into this latter category falls Hugh Logie.

Hugh offered unbidden to trailer the car to Montana from Canada for Jamie Kitman, Automobile in house grouch and odd car collector.

But first he would have to drive to Red Deer Canada, 265 miles from his home in Medicine Hat. He wouldn’t accept payment for his efforts, other than reimbursement for his gasoline.

It was then learned from the intended shippers in Montana that the 404 absolutely had to run and stop before arriving, and that it wouldn’t be loaded if either didn't. It would sit until it did both. So Hugh decided the only thing to do was to drag it back home to Medicine Hat to fix, which he did, restoring braking facility and troubleshooting the fuel system while rebuilding the carburetor, all at no charge.

He then towed the car the 421 miles to Livingston and dropped it there before driving another 421 miles and enduring another border crossing the following day.

Understand that Hugh Logie is a gainfully employed 41-year-old with a wife, children, and a busy job. But he is a dedicated Peugeot fan. In the name of preserving the marque and furthering its appreciation, he volunteered to spend many days and several evenings working on a car belonging to someone he’d never met.

 And he took additional days out of his life to drive more than 1,360 miles, all so Kitman might get his 404 wagon home cheaply.

 The guy is a saint and a potent reminder how sometimes old-car people are the nicest people, like family, only nicer and even nuttier.

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