Tuesday, June 07, 2016

It's Convoy day, the 7th of June, because the songwriter wrote a different but similar Convoy song. I've never heard this version before, but it comes with a better video

Arizona, noon, on the seventh of June
 When they highballed over the pass
 Bulldog Mack with a can on back
 And a Jaguar haulin’ ass
 He’s ten on the floor, stroke an’ bore
 Seatcover’s startin’ ta gain
 Now beaver, you a-truckin’
 with the Rubber Duck An’
 I’m about ta pull the plug on your drain

New Mexico, on I-four-oh
Like a Texas lizard on glass
One thousand pedals was mashin’ the metal
Them bears was a-walkin’ the grass
We trucked all day and we trucked all night
Big Benny improvin’ our style
We could tell by the smell
We was headin’ for Hell
And the Devil was Dirty Lyle

Now Lyle was a creep
He was tacky and cheap
But he had him a badge an’ a gun
He hated the Duck and he hated his truck
And he loved to bust truckers for fun
So he followed the line
And he bided his time
And he watched for his chance to strike
Then he picked on a trucker
Yeah, a wiry ol’ sucker
Yeah, the trucker they call Spider Mike
But the great Rubber Duck
Sorta run outta luck
When he crossed that final bridge
There’s choppers and rigs full’a guns an’ pigs
They’s wall-to-wall on the ridge
He showed no fear as he grabbed his gear
An’ he stuck it in grandaddy low
Them guns went boom
An’ his ass went zoom
An’ the Mack took a terminal blow

Well, that big black Mack stopped dead in her tracks
When the trailer blew high in the air
There was pieces of truck and some pieces of Duck
And junk and debris everywhere
Then the rig took a drink an’ commenced to sink
And there was no Duck no more
But that evil smile from Dirty ol’ Lyle
Shone south from the north Texas shore


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  1. If the truckers would just stick together, they could easily become the most powerful political group in the nation, almost overnight.

    if a particular congressman or senator doesnt vote the way they ask, they just stick together and not a single delivery or pickup of any kind in that congressional district. No groceries, no gasoline, no cargo of any type except medicine for hospitals and pharmacys.
    Boom. Done.

    Reduce fedgov regulations and spending or else.
    Boom. Done.