Thursday, June 09, 2016

the 3 rip off methods of car dealerships. If you want to save money, pay attention to saving it on these

fabric and paint "treatments" are nonsense. Wax is cheap, and you can make your kids wash and wax your car, do it yourself, or pay a neighborhood kid to do it... and save half what a dealership will charge you for a one time application of wax. Or just take your new vehicle to a cheap paint shop and get a coat of clear, or have a vinyl wrap put on.

financing. You either can get 1.9%, or you can bet that anything past 3 or 4% is 1 or 2% going to dealership when they obtain 1.9 and you are told they best they could do was 2.9 or 3.9... if you're only getting the word of the "finance dept" rep at the dealership. That person gets bonus money every Christmas to rip you off is possible.

Trade in. If you can make more money from your vehicle selling it on craigslist, do it.
If you can leverage the price of the new car you want by trading in junk, it might be worth your time to buy a junker and have it dropped off at the dealership. Some actually will advertise "push, pull, or tow it in, and we'll give you money for your trade in"


  1. Paint or fabric treatments are indeed vastly overpriced and are an easy line item for the dealer to remove to show you savings off the listed price, but "take it to a cheap paint shop for a coat of clear" is the stupidest advice I've ever heard. A cheap coat of clear will seriously devalue any car - new or used - not to mention it'll look like shit.
    As to financing.......dealers can be a great source of good financing deals - or they can screw you over. The point is to know your numbers and credit worthiness, pay attention to what you're signing and don't buy the payment you can afford - buy the car you can afford.
    Finally, if you don't understand how, "push,pull or drag it in" works to a dealer's advantage then you deserve your cheap coat of clear

    1. have a Snickers hank. A cheap coat of clear doesn't mean something that will be destroying your car. Maybe in your neck of the woods... not everywhere. I understand how drag it in can work to a dealerships advantage, I also know how it can work to a buyers advantage. I've heard of dealerships offering 4 thou for anything you'll drive in to trade. Not bad. It's all about the specific situation, these are just generalities.. so try and chill the hell out.

    2. Is the state ripping you off also?? While looking at purchasing a new van this year, I was told I was responsable for sales tax on the "rebates and discounts". Paying taxes on money that does not exist or got payed out. Really, what the hell welcome to the "Emipe State"! Chad Wilson