Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Take TSA bins, for example. How far can they actually travel if you decide to break the mold and take one with you as a souvenir?

"After taking my shoes off at the airport, I decided I was going to walk this bin as far as possible, want to make TSA work..."

"It ended up on the plane with me, bound for Chicago!"

"The pilot asked me about it and found it hilarious, he also hates the TSA!"

"This TSA bin is now serving as a sock drawer under my bed."


  1. I bet that would make a nice oil drain or drip pan, or to catch other fluids when working on my cars.

  2. I remember taking my folks to the airport for their annual Florida vacation and getting cranked at the tsa making them take their shoes off. 85 and 86 years old. Such horseshit.

  3. Probably good for a kitty liter box too.