Thursday, April 28, 2016

What will the new show be called, Clarkson, Hammonds, and May are still undecided. They are trying to settle on one name. Readers had some suggestions too. (I thought "gear knobs" was it.. maybe not)

Punch Buggies                                               Op-tay Ear-gay
 Prime Knobs                                                 Thanks, Jeff Bezos!
 We're Better Than Joey From Friends              Bottom Cog
 Chris Who?                                                  Floppy Paddles
 The Bolshy Yarblockos                                  HamMaySon
 The Fat and the Fartious                                Amazon's Done a Car Show
 Biggest Budgeted Carshow (A.K.A. BBC)     Shiftheads
 2 Men and a Hamster                                    Gear Knobs

And Jeremy Clarkson has joined facebook too:
Or you can get a lot more updates from JC on Twitter


  1. Really looking forward to this as even when Clarkson annoyed me from time to time I loved these 3 guys together. The only auto show on tv that I can think of that would say a car was a pile of crap if it was. Ain't never going to watch the new Top Gear the BBC is putting on.