Sunday, April 24, 2016

the Dodge model car contest winner from the 1968 Car Model magazine, the the Dodge/Car Model Magazine/MPC Funny Car Contest

The premier model car contest in the country during much of the year of 1968

Since this was a mail-in photo contest, the following photos from 2015 GSL reflects the first time ever - some 47 years later - that the overall winner, the second place nationwide, and the fourth place nationwide winners have been exhibited together. This exhibition was part of the 2015 GSL International Scale Vehicle Championship and Convention.

Contestants were to build their entry from MPC’s new 1968 Dodge Coronet kit, but parts from other kits were allowed.

When completed, two black and white photos and a 500 word description were to be mailed to the Car Model magazine editorial offices in North Arlington, NJ.

Entries were to be completed and postmarked no later than May 1st, 1968.

The overall winner was to receive an all-expenses paid trip to Detroit, Michigan, to visit the “Dodge Engineering Laboratories” and the MPC factory. He was also to receive every new MPC kit for the next three years.

Jim Keeler’s 1st Place “Dodge Fever” was an incredibly inventive design combined with unprecedented levels of detailing and accuracy. It remains an icon of model car building achievement nearly 50 years later. This is the original car built by Jim, and restored by Tom Dillion and Mark Gustavson, shown here on loan from its permanent exhibition International Model Car Builder’s Museum.

The 1st, 2nd, and 4th place overall winners (chosen from over 1,600 entries in the most important national model car contest of the year 1968) are displayed here

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