Monday, April 25, 2016

An SCCA undefeated Jaguar D Type, sold to a 17 year old high school student who took it to Bonneville, and went 185 mph, it's the fastest D Type ever at B-ville

Supplied to Hoffman, USA, XKD 529 had a 2nd owner in the Briggs Cunningham race team, who, with Walt Hansgen driving, won SCCA C-Modified Championships in 1956 and 1957. It was then sold to Thomas Rutherford (Massachusetts) who went with a long legged 2.53 axle, disc-type wheels and exhaust exiting at rear, took it to Bonneville where car achieved speed of 185.47mph, the highest officially recorded by a D-type. A record that held for 55 years.

It didn't do much after that, except survive a tornado, and the Firestones from 1960 are still on it.

It sold for 1,815,000 at 2005 Monterey when the Walter Hill Jaguar collection was auctioned off, where it had been sharing a garage with 2 or the 16 XK-SS

 It did go to the Oakland Roadster Show, I read somewhere, but can't find jack on the internet about 1959-62 ORS participants to verify that

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