Monday, April 25, 2016

Color home movie coverage of Bonneville, from the San Diego Lancers, with their Jerauld's Speed Shop, Natl City, Baby Bomb bellytanker. 1952, 53, and 54. You might enjoy your own choice of music better, just warning you

a P 38 gas tank... the driver has his knees to his chest, and his elbows outside his legs. I doubt the tech inspectors will let you race like this anymore. You'd die in a roll over.

Al Jerauld and George Barber wanted to be different , everyone was going BIG , so they went small , small belly tank , small engine

In 1952 the car set the record for "O" class lakesters at Bonneville 115.53 Mph ( O class is 90 cid under) It had a destroked and sleeved V8/60 flathead , 88.75 cid with 80 base horse power , running Alcohol and Nitromethane

 1954 it ran 4th in "A" Class lakesters at Bonneville ( not sure what "A class" engine displacement was back then or the MPH it ran) 1956 it ran 160 mph at Bonneville ( not sure what class) , 120 mph at Paradise Mesa Drag Strip and 152 at El Mirage dry lake

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