Monday, April 25, 2016

the Schloss Dyck Classic Days was chosen by the readers of Motor Klassik again as the "Event of the Year"


  1. Dear Jesse, it´s so expensive most people who would enjoy it simply can´t afford to go there. Fleemarket is zero points and food is minus 10 points. The worst me and my wife ever had on an event like this :-)) And its cold and rainy over here these days, no need to be there.
    All the best and keep up your great blog, Jojo from Düsselrad (10 miles away from Schloss Dyck)

    1. Thanks JoJo! I ran across these pretty pictures, and had to share them. I gave them applause for the choice of the magazine readers because they earned it, and though few are comparing events, they wouldn't hold a candle to Goodwood I feel. Sorry to hear your experience wasn't as fun as a car event should be. If they can't get the good food... that is terrible! I'm mighty fed up with less than delicious food, and so often over priced, at any event. If there is a stadium or race track involved, that seems to double the price, and cut the enjoyment of the food in half