Monday, April 18, 2016

this guy was all OVER the racing circuits

And he once was stuck in a blizzard, when it slid off the country road, was stranded overnight, and with a girlfriend to keep him warm, managed to get through the night. He then proposed to her and they got married that September

but you might recognize it better in a later owners paint

Thanks Steve!  (Stiff Speed website )

• Commissioned as Formula One racing car hauler by Maserati racing team
• Used by Lance Reventlow’s Scarab racing team
• Subsequent use by Carroll Shelby’s race team, transporting Cobra Daytona coupes
• Utilized by David Piper, as well as Alan Mann and Lotus racing teams
• Featured in McQueen’s Le Mans"

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  1. It would seem that John Woolfe Racing is still in existence - There is an interesting connection between John and Le Mans which is probably worth a story.

    I guess that is his Chevron B-12 on the transporter. Note also his Gordon-Keeble in the foreground.