Tuesday, April 19, 2016

AJ Foyt

began racing at indy in 1958, when other legends like Johnnie Parsons and Eddie Sachs were on the track.

He had the same garage at Indy for 30 years

he has raced 21 other guys that won the Indy 500... you may race good competitors, but, ever realize you're racing past and future winners? The very best there are, and then you win? That make you a champion. Having the very best competition there is, and winning. 

He began racing 3 years before Brabham arrived, 4 before Gurney, 5 before Unser, 7 before Andretti, 11 before Penske. 

He was the last driver to win on the bricks. 

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  1. Great article! Thanks for the link! I have a large watercolor Indy 500 poster that shows AJ in the #1 front engined roadster (1964 champion) pulling into the pits and in the background is Jim Clark in the rear engined Lotus that won that race in '65.