Monday, April 18, 2016

a McKeen motor car has been found in Anchorage Alaska, and returned to San Diego for restoration, as it was once part of the San Diego Cuyamaca and Eastern Railway

the last surviving lady of the the San Diego, Cuyamaca and Eastern Railway is finally going to start her restoration in Ramona, a small town on the North East edge of San Diego  and 17 yr old Madison Kirkman is about to see his dreams become a reality. Eighteen months ago, the California teen launched a plan to restore one of the very last McKeen motorcars on earth.

During WWII, the car was modified in Alaska, as a Combine and had the “Knife-Edge” nose cut of and a round end was attached like the back end of the car. There it served on the 714th Railway Battalion between Fairbanks and College before being used as a mobile post-exchange by the Army during the war. for a gallery of the interior

here is is when new

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  1. With all this good stuff about railbuses, I thought you might enjoy this. The Skunk rail line actually operates a couple of them, not to mention steam and diesel. A ride on the Skunk is a pleasure not to be missed...I generally take some French bread, a bottle of red wine, apples and my lovely wife...