Friday, April 22, 2016

1950 Buick Roadmaster Custom Wrecker.

the current owner is trying to flip it and get 45 thou

Harper Honea and Clark Burr were a couple of friends who often worked together in the town of Susanville, California, so when Burr decided to go into business as a Buick dealer in 1948, he enlisted Honea’s help in building the dealership on Susanville’s Main Street.

It wasn’t a big Buick dealership — the two of them alone apparently did all the construction work on the building, and Honea was the dealership’s only full-time mechanic.

A couple of years later, Honea and Burr found themselves with a pair of wrecked Buick Roadmasters, both 1950s, both originally sold through the dealership, according to Darell Honea, Harper’s son. So over the course of the next few years, Honea pieced the cars back together, shortened the greenhouse, and added the bed, boom, generator and motor to turn the Roadmaster into a wrecker, all according to plans Burr had engineered.


  1. The owner is on drugs. That may be the ugliest four-wheeled contraption on earth, although I'm open to being convinced otherwise.

    1. No one claimed anything about looks... but are you sure you want to go on record as feeling that this Buick is uglier than a 70 Stutz? Or the Gilette? or a Pacer? Or an Aztek? Or the Aurora?

  2. STOP! I GIVE!!!