Saturday, April 23, 2016

cool photo of the blackbird


  1. Cool! Never saw that shot before and I have a number of SR71 and YF12 pictures in my collection. I worked in the Bendix Propulsion Control Lab in South Bend in the '70s and built the fuel controls for those planes. Amazing pieces of machinery and it is still the fastest air-breathing manned aircraft ever built.

  2. This man, Brian Shul, is patriot and a hero even though he doesn't profess to be. He is a great speaker, photographer and all around outstanding guy. What an amazing life this guy has and how lucky we are he shares his brilliant stories with us.

    1. yes, exactly. We are damn lucky so many people share their experiences and stories... it's an incredible thing, this thing called life, though often full of struggle and shit, it can also have some shining moments of awesome, some amazing friends, and unimmaginable true stories