Monday, February 25, 2013

interesting stuff I saw at the swap meet this past weekend

this portable tach goes to 3500 rpm, the seller wanted 20 bucks, and it's not for a vehicle. It's for machinery, you put a rubber tipped back shaft on the rotating machine, and the portable tach indicates it's speed. I'm guessing it's not much use, and never used, because it's perfect inside that can.

Seller thinks it's worth more than 15 thousand dollars to him.

Everythign you'll need to replace all the wood on a woodie

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  1. I'm not buying that Rte. 66 sign as genuine. AT ALL. Perfect, evenly spaced scuffs, but no dents or bends? And every glass bead in place. Not saying he (or she) is lying, but perhaps they paid more than they should've and are now "passing the savings along" to the next guy.

    Those coolers look phenomenal together: File under "Useless Museums That Need to Exist".