Sunday, February 24, 2013

1940 Beverly Hills Fire Department engine, beautiful design! Who knew a firetruck would be subject to the artistic streamlined movement of the 30's?

above the windshield, are more windows... maybe so the driver and firefighters could look up at city buildings on fire.

the overall shape reminds me of Count de Saknoffsky's design for the stream lined tow truck


  1. Some great photos of this spectacular fire truck. Antique fire trucks were truly special in their design, similar to our antique cars. Though today's fire-fighting vehicles are no doubt better equipped for the job, it is doubtful that they will fill our hearts with joy when we see them traveling down the highway, or as the centerpiece of a parade. To see photos of hundreds of antique fire engines:

  2. What a truly beautiful example of not only an art deco fire truck, but also of a meticulous restoration of the exterior. I personally would have tried to maintain the truck's original interior to some degree, but it's still a beautiful job. I'd love to see this truck in person one day.