Sunday, February 24, 2013

timely, topical, and tasteful - Fireball Tim has a BIG BOOK of Wacky Rides for kids. It's cool!

Tim, he's great guy, and read a bit about him at the end of this post to be truly amazed at how diverse his talents are, is also a kids book author. Sharing his humor and enjoyment of concept car designs with kids, he's made up 36 hot rod rides/ goofy fun car ideas that you've heard of perhaps, but not seen on paper.

You've heard of a snot rocket, and a gumballer... but not like the above!

In categories that range from Big Boomers, ElecTricks, HugeSters, Tiny Racers, Teeny Rockets, World Travelers and Yum Sters... these concepts are fun and entertaining... even topical to the "Green" "Solar" and "Electric" movements

Kids and adults like me will get a kick out of this book, but of course teens are going through a phase where they probably can't admit the book has cute stuff in it. Oh well. It's available at Amazon (Check out the reviews here, all positive!)

and Barnes and Noble

and a portion of the proceeds goes to help the rescue and care of discarded puppy mill breeding dogs

Meet the Author

Fireball Tim is Hollywood's go-to guy for wild and wacky rides. His creative thought and design, TV shows and toys populate kids' rooms around the world, spurring fun and zany ideas among many. From Hot Rods to Custom Cars, Movie Cars to Muscle Cars, Fireball Tim has done them all with youthful enthusiasm and inspiration.

 Fireball Tim has built an extensive and unique career in the film industry having designed vehicles, weaponry, props, costumes and environments for hundreds of major features, TV and commercials.

 Among Fireball's 350 credits include stints as a designer for Walt Disney Imagineering from 1991-93 and Universal Studios Theme Park to movies like "Priest," "Gone in 60 Seconds," "Batman," "Monster Garage," "Jurassic Park," "GI Joe," "Knight Rider" and "The Avengers."

Though Fireball Tim is constantly in demand as an Automotive Design Expert, AutoBlogger and Journalist, he is most sought now as an Automotive TV Host with many appearances on the Discovery Network and Speed Channel including "World's Most Expensive Rides," "Extreme Rides" and "Street Tuner Challenge."

His company, Fireball Tim Worldwide, is the world's only Hollywood Automotive Lifestyle Brand, encompassing design and entertainment to which he hosts, designs and travels extensively for shows, plus raising awareness for sustainable products like Lifetime Oil Filter.

He is an icon in the Automotive Social Network scene, attending a couple dozen events a year like SEMA in Las Vegas (saw him there last year!) .  His endeavors also include Design and Children's Books and Toys. Under his previous company, Toystore Films, Fireball became an accomplished award winning actor/director for independent films and commercials.

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