Monday, December 17, 2012

drag coefficient, aka the smaller the number the more aerodynamic the car

that last car, the one at 0.24 is the Tesla. 


  1. My first car was a '63 Impala!

  2. It depends what you define as "more aerodynamic". Just because an F1 car has a high drag coefficient, does not mean it's not an extremely aerodynamically effective car; far from it. The F1 car, however is designed to produce a large amount of downforce and the high cd value is a consequence of this. It's pretty much necessary to ensure it stays glued to the track at high speeds, but it also allows it to go round corners much quicker, and as such will be much faster round certain types of tracks than a similar car that had been designed for minimum drag.

    1. What you go on to say is true, but the definition of more aerodynamic is not up for discussion. Intrinsically, factually, the more aerodynamic, the less drag. F1 design is not being put down, it is being compared numerically to other designs. I do not dismiss the inherent design requirement for the F1 car, nor do I demonstrate any preference by this gallery of images. It is merely a comparison, and educational, informational