Wednesday, December 19, 2012

variety and a lot of interesting stuff, at

One of the worst looking cars. Sheesh. The 1982 Stutz Bearcat

A helicopter lifestyle with a T-Bird like that? I doubt it seriously

this last one is a South African El Camino. Quite different from a USA El Camino

I only have time to look around a little, but I'll be back, cause there is a lot of good stuff here at


  1. Stutz are funny cars. Saw this one at Petersen...

    Still ugly you are right!

    1. Hi Dave, I don't recall if I've emailed you direct, my memory is shot.

      Anyway, your Stutz was at the GNRS and was done up by the very talented John D'Agostino for the gallery. A polished turd is still ugly.

  2. I'm not sure if you did email me about it actually.

    I really like your blog though, your passion for everything is amazing.

  3. just a point on the El Camino: looks like it's a Holden Ute with a second choice grill:

    Another interesting car to come out of South Africa was the Ford Perana, same as the Aus/Euro Capri but with a V8

  4. The chaffeur in the Stutz doesn't look very happy, does he?