Saturday, November 26, 2011

One cool pedal car

I found this pedal car earlier this year at the Qualcomm Swap Meet


  1. This is an amazing pedal car! Is it a Gendron? What's the story behind is particular find?

    1. Dylan, I posted everything, which is to say, I left nothing out. I know nothing more, I keep nothing back. I've no idea what manufacturer made it, I stated after the last photo that I've found it in the past, and left the link. In the tags I put that this set of photos was at the 2011 Goodguys event in Del Mar. I appreciate the complimentary comment, but am irritated that you asked for the story, because I'ts clear I have it right there at the end of the post. I know some things are missed when excitement happens... so do try to keep the sharp look out for the info you already have when asking for it.