Sunday, November 20, 2011

Velosters were at SEMA in good numbers, and big variety due to giving them to customizers before production cars were sold to the public

No idea what made them think that a full tool box would be a good thing to have in the back seat. I do like the racing seatbelts though

bitchin' hood

I doubt that the car ever spends much time at speeds high enough to make the wing of any use. I believe that the info I heard was speeds above 80mph would only begin to create a downforce of any significance

Does anyone at all actually have a dj setup in their car that they use with any reasonable frequency enough to give customizers this notion that making the prototypes and show cars with all this turntable and audio gear is a viable selling point? Am I the only one that has never seen or heard of a mobile DJ just backing up a vehicle into an event and making money with that?

there it is, different rims, different looks, and different uses for a reasonably good looking econo box. Automobile magazine just compared it to the VW beetle, and the Mini Cooper, and found the Veloster the best buy and best suspension. I found it to be the best in gas mileage and factory installed stereo and touch screen AV center

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