Friday, November 25, 2011

the most far out cool and ridiculous stuff I came across at SEMA

Far out ridiculous rims... no self respecting Charger or Dukes fan is going to buy these Forgiato rims that badly mimic the Tornado rims
Most ridiculous vehicle to use low profiles, and thousands of dollars of airbrushing.

Most ridiculous place to put a gold club bag

I doubt the below is true. Too coincidental, and I stopped believing everything I was told many years ago, especially when it comes to advertising. I can believe it rolled down a 300 foot dune, but I doubt there was anyone in it, especially just a day before it needed to be the prize winnign advertisement for this safety roll cage

Wow this would be a lot of fun

way cool gerry can mod... this is just bitchin

coolest toy, but dangerous too. You only live once

most bolts and screws I've ever seen to hold a hub cap on

these look really damn good

What in the hell are these indicating?
this is the most far out and nuts amount of speakers... it's the Kicker speaker demo car

most ugly front end I've ever seen on a Camaro

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