Tuesday, March 15, 2011

an unusual car, the 1951 Kaiser traveler, 2 doors, sort of a camper station wagon

This is the only good photo of the entire car I took, but it shows the design of the tailgate with a 2 door car instead of a long roof... unique I think. I've never seen another like it.

The above speedo and instrument cluster is sweet. Next to the 50's Nash all in one pod, I'd pick this one anyday for a hot rod.

This board game is a true find, John snapped it up because it has Kaiser among the car makers on the Bingo card

John and his wife Pat have put together a terrific nostalgia collection of 1950's picnic and camper equipment... the fishing gear could be right out of a great grandpa's shed


  1. awesome instrument cluster and great versatile car

  2. I'm surprised at how many 3-door versions of the secondgen Traveler came up on the GIS I found you on; I had thought only 5-doors were made.

    The first generation was truly a "4-door hatchback" - the left rear door was sealed shut, hollowed out and held the spare tire leaving three passenger doors plus the hatch.