Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Ian Roussel: Kustom Cars Lead Sleds ('54 Chev 2 dr Back from the Dead II)

Here's a real good idea of what the movie is about, and the Chevy that is getting a 2nd life

Probably everyone has heard of the Space Junkie that Ian made and displayed at the shows last year http://justacarguy.blogspot.com/2010/10/space-junkie-by-ian-roussel-was-at-gene.html but his shop, Way Kustom Metal Works isn't a Barris come lately shop.

Ian Roussel doesn't specialize in far out customs even though he has the skill and ability to. He mostly sticks to traditional customs, and he's really damn good at them. Innovative and imaginative at at customizing a ordinary old car, as a customizer must be, it is worth watching how he takes a old car and makes a cool custom.

If you can't hang out at his shop (who can?) then watching a video of Ian cutting and chopping a rusted and overlooked 50's 2 dr Chev is a cool way to see how it doesn't take a team from Monster Garage or Overhaulin' to work on a car and have a cool hot rod or custom result from getting rid of the old suspension and fabbing in a 80's GM sub frame, designing a better looking tail light configuration, and adding a couple trick pieces to have a one of a kind custom or hot rod.

Some of the video is interviews with Brad Masterson and Gene Winfield, so you get more than just a single perspective of the custom car world. Especially interesting is Victor Cacho's collaboration with Ian that has produced a handful of cool customs, and the trick T-bird with the hinged top.. not just a convertible top ... the entire top from the taillights to the fire wall.

You might recall Victor's Auburn from last years Grand National Roadster Show http://justacarguy.blogspot.com/2010/01/1936-auburn-roadster-of-victor-cacho-is.html

For this and similar videos about Kustom Cars: http://www.throtteltv.com/


  1. Out of all of the "car" shows now on TV, this show is only 1 of maybe 2 or 3 shows that are worth watching. Not only does Ian do amazing work, but there is no drama that the viewer has to watch when they tune into his show.
    Keep up the great work Ian, and I hope your show has a very long run.

    1. He has a show on TV? Seriously I had no idea... what's the name of the show, and what network?

  2. "Full Custom Garage" on MavTV every Friday night.

  3. this is a great show, he focuses on the work and his vision and his way of going about things and people... I love how he brings the old guys in and how he listens and adds... I really appreciate his demeanor and his work is inspiring.

  4. I love the fact that he does not cuss! The entire show!! Wow it CAN be done! Keep up the great work Ian!

  5. The guy is a genius, the real deal. His skills that form his vision are incredible to watch. The only car show I really look forward to.

  6. I love the fact he acts like a regular guy...and he doesn't have any specialty tools like the big production shops have..just him, his vision and his work...great show

  7. So many good comments to Ian's skills abilities and vision. His program is inspiring and very informative. Best wishes on his continued success.

  8. Ian is like most of us only better. He learned by doing along the way...I love his show compared to most of the 30-60 minute product commercials filmed in studio shops.. I learn a little something on each project..