Thursday, March 17, 2011

Amazing variety of unusual railcars from Steampunkvehicles tumblr

Why he's riding a big wheel / pennytfarthing on rails is anyone's guess... but I'm guessing he was a SOB to work for
There has to be a reason for the strange design angle of the steam engine, I'm going to guess it was for big uphill angles so the heat exchanger tubes would be level

Above is Ridgeway Railway Museum
Above is a Packard
1889 photo of a wharf steam crane in Gisborne New Zealand

Railcar with it's own portable turntable so it doesn't overheat from driving backwards long distance.... as the radiator needs the airflow to keep the engine cool. I just learned this from Johnny at Steampunk vehicles! It explains why so many inspection cars (real cars) riding the rails are double headed. This actually wasn't clear when I looked at a lot of double headed carsall of these are from http://http// which has an incredible variety of all things old and steam powered


  1. Ha ha yeah that guy looks like a real taskmaster. He wants to be the one to ride the bike. I wonder if it was for quick police response. Check out the counterweight.

    The incline rail loco is a cog railway.

    The turntable car, which I took of a picture on the wall at the Adelaide rail museum where they have the desert-camo rail car, spun around because otherwise the radiator would overheat going too far in reverse.

  2. P.S. longtime fan!