Thursday, March 04, 2010

Sam Bennett in 1921, Sidnaw, upper penninsula of Michigan, a great place for outdoorsman who trap, hunt, and fish

from the

Sam is my great-great uncle, and I had no idea there was a photo of him, much less one in the internet that I would stumble across.

He was a trapper for the state of Michigan, which is confirmed by the 4 wolf furs and the front license plate on that car. (Mich dept of conservation 8)

Sam lost an arm, it may have been WW1, and was setting his traps with only one arm/one hand ... what a difficult thing that must have been to do, I've set traps too, they aren't easy, and they are just a little dangerous!


  1. YAY!
    I remember the name Bennett!
    Mama knew a Marian Bennett. I believe she married a Thompson?
    And wasn't there a Bennett that had a restaurant and made yummy pies? Was that Carl?
    I was younger than most- as I am "the baby" of the VandenPlas grandchildren.


  2. Sam Bennett was my great grandfather! The story I've heard about his hand is that he was young (maybe 13?) and someone gave him a blasting cap to light like a firework, and it went off in his hand. This photo is a fantastic find!

    ~Jackie Gill