Saturday, March 06, 2010

Did you hear about the idea from C.A.R.B. to make it illegal to have low air pressure in your tires?

"California Air Resources Board and who have strong influence over Arnold and the Democrats in the Legislature. They want to make it a crime to have low air pressure in your tires. They use a “scientist” with a mail-order degree to certify the legitimacy of their slanted research. They pursue a unilateral, California-only approach to global warming that will cripple our economy unless the rest of the world takes a similar approach."

last incredibly unreal concept from the idiots at CARB (Calif Air Resource Board) was to make it illegal to have black roofs on cars because it absorbs solar heat, makes cars warmer inside, and cuases people to run their AC more, increasing the load on a cars engine, and then decreasing the engines efficiency. Except that it really doesn't have much effect to run your AC, these aren't 1963 air conditioning units.

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