Monday, March 09, 2009

1974 Spirit of America Vega, Nova, and Impala

GM tried a smattering of patriotism in hopes of using the upcoming bicentennial to boost sagging sales. The sales package was known as the "Spirit of America."
Chevrolet didn't even bother putting it in their sales brochures. For the Vega and Nova, it was essentially a white exterior applique trimmed in red and blue stripes, with an eagle banner proclaiming the historical logo. The interior was as tasteful as the exterior, bright red carpeting, white vinyl upholstery.
On the '74 Vega, the "Spirit' package actually cost more than either an automatic transmission or air conditioner.
Two exist in near showroom condition:
I haven't yet found a good photo of the Impala (Apr 7 09)


  1. why in the world do they not have women models with cars nowadays. These pics are great.

  2. I have a '74 Spirit of America Impala that is in very good condition.P will send a pic if you like.

  3. I also own a 74'Impala,"Spirit of America". But, mine is dark blue with red,white and blue stripping.It is the only one i know of in this color scheme. And yes, it is a unrestored 61,000 mi car in Ca.Has anyone seen one in the red paint scheme?

  4. Louis can you send me a couple photos of it?

  5. Has anyone ever seen a 74 El Camino Spirit of Ameica? I have one that was purchased in Arkansas, and built in the Texas plant.

  6. I have a spirit of America car in the white color.The thing that is unique about it is that it has a factory 454 I have seen several ads for these cars but yet to find one with a big block. Dave

  7. I own a Spirit in White. Original interior. Awesome original engine. If I were to sell it what would be a good price?

    1. I've got an idea you'll have to do homework to find out. Probably track all the auction houses to see what they may have had sell, if any, like yours. Tyr Ebay motors history too. Ask Chevy car clubs and magazines. Ask Hagerty and Hemmings. But you are probably at the buyers whim.