Saturday, March 14, 2009

The effect of a UAW and teamsters strikes on GM

In 1972 the UAW strike lasted 174 days, stopping production at the Ohio plant. The result was 1100 Camaro's failing to meet 1973 Federal bumper safety standards.

GM went on strike due to the Vietnam War. Some cars were finished with Buick interiors to go around.

Chevelles had Buick interiors possibly due to race riots in Baltimore & KC in early April associated with MLK assasination, and not a strike

Rather than stop production, assembly plants in Baltimore, Fremont, and Kansas City went to Buick and Oldsmobile for door panels and seat covers. A large number of '68 Chevelles from March to june of '68 had Buick and Olds interiors. Muscle Car Review, March 2009 issue, page 36

April 1oth was the start of a strike that lasted until June 9th. This stopped production of Corvettes, forcing Delorean to continue the production of 1969 Corvettes past the ordinary Sept time of a new model year... causing a all time high production of Corvettes of 38762 units. This also was a cause of low quality control in the 1969 model Corvette. A 1970 Road and Track survey had quality as the worst feature of the Corvette

The April 6 1970 to May 6 strike of the Teamsters and the late start of the '70 vette caused a low production number of just 17316

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