Friday, March 13, 2009

Jerry doesn't get it, neither does anonymous

jerry said...
jesse your a piece of s**t "anonymous" is a friend of mine, he spent his time his money the customize the car the way he wants it, not for you but for him. next time your thinking about insulting someones car don't!

Ok. Jerry... "your" should be spelled "you're" and try "to" instead of "the"
If you are correct and he only customized his car for himself, he wouldn't care what anyone else said, but his feeling are hurt, ergo (that means therefore)... he customized his car to impress strangers.

You won't name your friend either? What is he... afraid to be associated with his car?

Jerry... and all other Stangpede members... I didn't insult the anonymous car or its owner in the first post, I did once his feelings were hurt that I compared the design of the SN95 to that of the 1990's Tempos, Taurus, and T-birds. To get his feelings hurt by that, is to have lower than normal testosterone levels for a car guy. But he'll grow out of that when puberty arrives. Or when he wrenches on something oily, rusty, and needing repairs.

I have repeatedly complimented Stangpede for showing up in greater numbers than any other club to many events and car shows, and have posted many photos of Stangpede Mustangs that I find cool (

I pointedly gave my opinion that the SN95 design is a cookie cutter design, similar to the Taurus, Tempo, and Thunderbird.

The opinion is not a fact, just my view. It isn't a insult to have an opinion about car designs, to insult something is to make fun of them. Like I did to an anonymous person who may be ashamed of his car, since others find it cookie cutter.. and said "Mustangs sometimes compensate for low testosterone levels. I'm not saying you should be careful that your dress doesn't get caught in the door... but are high heels rough on Mustang carpet?"

But I haven't insulted the car. I have only given the production figures to demonstrate the vast number of identical Mustangs, and then pointed out how many Fords look so similar to non-Mustang owners, that Mustangs be mistaken for Tempos, t-birds, and Taurus.

I happen to admire the Mustang, the S197 in particular, and the photos I took of the Stangpede Mustangs newer than 2004 are posted and complimented clearly. Even for Jerry who doesn't spell "you're" correctly.

Have a coke and a smile, chill out, and stop giving a damn what people think of your car "anonymous"... enjoy your car, if no one else does-it shouldn't ruin your day. If you need me to appreciate the stripes, hood scoop, and head lights... that's sad. You enjoy them, you paid for them and if you only did that to impress others... sad. If you are happier, cool. Either way, stop looking for other peoples admiration, it won't last.

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