Sunday, August 01, 2021

there's no reason for a car alarm you can't hear, and respond to... it's just going to aggravate people who will destroy it, and that's not why you paid for a car alarm, it's opposite the purpose of that damn noise making car alarm



  1. can't blame them one little bit.

  2. Get a lot of that, living near the San Francisco Zoo. A couple of years ago, we had a car alarm going off for a good three hours near my house. Between beers, a friend and I decided to leave a note, attached to his windshield with a generous squirt of motorcycle chain lube...My buddy then slid under a wheel well and switched two of his sparkplug wires. This was on an older '70s car. A Pontiac, I think.
    Half an hour later, hilarity ensued. We could hear his wife screaming at him from a block away as the old Poncho flubbered off...