Saturday, August 07, 2021

the Firearrow II, functional design without superfluous decorative elements and too much chrome, saved from junkyard destruction surfaced in the concept car collection of Joe Bortz.

the Firearrow I was a non-functional show car without an engine. For the planned second version, the decision was made to create a fully functional concept car that could also be used to take driving pictures.

The Firearrow II is a two-seat roadster with a jet-age design and frameless windshield. New details included two large round headlights instead of four smaller ones, likewise round taillights, a redesigned grille and chrome wire wheels. Ghia dispensed with door handles for visual reasons.

From Bortz it received an extensive restoration that emphasized correct materials and color scheme. As a result, not only was the light yellow paint color retained, but also the Nardi wood steering wheel and the Ghia logos. 

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