Monday, August 02, 2021

12 hours, and what a day it's been.

 read on if you want to learn what a weird day it's been. If yin and yang were in a boxing, and the winner took on a schizophrenic kharma, it could not be more weird.

It started out with my going to small claims to get through with the bad work done on my 1969 R/T last November. I won. That POS lied his ass off under oath, when he wasn't talking circles around irrelevant answers to questions the judge didn't ask.
I didn't expect that, but, the judge agreed with the California Bureau of Auto Repair investigation.
I did expect that.
So I go back to the court's room for small claims filing of everything, and though the judge was done with the case, I can't file the papers that cost 120 dollars of fees, to get the defendant's property liened on to motivate him to pay up. 

So, to treat myself, to my favorite pasta at my favorite Italian restaurant in Little Italy, I invited a couple retired friends who have the day off work.... as I think everyone else I know was at work.
My apology to all of you in San Diego who could have made it.
But, the 12 cold pastas for lunch that Mimmos used to have on special for lunch on work days? Now doesn't exist, and only one of my favorite 4 pastas was there, the feta and tomato.
So, keeping score, won the court case, couldn't yet file to get paid, lost the pasta special, 1:2

Then I thought I'd try and see if the line at the DMV was short, nope, and it's outside the building, at 90 degrees.
Pass on that, I'm not really bugged by not having the thing on my drivers license so I can fly on an airline. I haven't been on an airline in a dozen years, and that was not my idea anyway, my girlfriend at the time paid for us to vacation for a week in Jamaica.
Anyway getting back to the weird day today:

So then I went to the VA to see what the process is for getting a dr, as that's step one before you do anything, 1st, you get a dr assigned, then they decide if whatever else you need requires a specialist. So, 7 weeks from now I'll see a dr. Good thing I'm not in need of one, I'm just using a day off work to get some progress on stuff that only happens when I'm at work.
Then I went to see my old co-workers at the car dealership where I worked for 6 years before the covid quarantine resulted in half the employees getting laid off. Caught up with old friends for a couple minutes, that was cool.
Score, 3:2

Then I dropped by Big Lots, as they are the only place I know of with Boylands, my favorite rootbeer, and in the top 3 of the 72 different root beers I've tried.
They had 43, for 80 cents a piece, I bought them all. Then the cashier gave me 5 bucks off to join the club, well, I'm certain he didn't charge me for all of them, and I asked him, and said to him, I think you made a mistake, but he insisted he had charged me for all 43. He didn't, now that I look at the receipt, I see he charged me for 29.
You can only be honest, and leave it up to the cashier to figure it out.
Anyway, now, loaded with root beer, I head to the post office, and I get a check from the govt, for 1268.00. I don't know why, and who the hell can you ask anyway?
So, 5:2 is the score.
Then I open one of two books I'd ordered from Amazon. One is a replacement for a marked up book with kids signatures on the front, back, and edges, which looks like hell, and not like the book they showed on Amazon.

Then I open the other book, because I ordered "Poems In Praise of Practically Nothing" but, they sent A Million Ways to Die in the West. I didn't order that.

I deposit the check, and get the receipt. Everything cool, right?
Nope. I get an email saying that 235 was deposited.

I have the receipt, it says 1268.00. I also have the receipt. It still says 235 was deposited.
Then I get home, and then the idiot neighbor loses his shit.
What a day, and it's only been 12 hours, 4 or 5 more to go


  1. Be careful with the idiot neighbor, this ain't the seventies, people nowadays have absolutely no regard for humanity.

    I've got one or two bad neighbors myself, but fortunately I'm known as the neighbor that sat in his yard under a dark tree in the dead of night covered head to toe in tactical gear just to catch the neighborhood prowler....folks here don't really mess with me anymore.

  2. I wish that I lived near to you. You need a drink and someone to drink with you. Good luck! I like all of the previous pictures and comments, too.