Wednesday, August 04, 2021

I don't recall posting about the big-truck specialists of Pfahl’s Mack and Antique Truck Restorations


In all his time wrenching on big machines, Pfahl says there’s only been one that nearly beat him—a 1954 GMC Scenicruiser Greyhound bus. “We worked on that for seven years. It came in boxes. No motor, no transmission, no floors, no wiring. It was a million-piece puzzle and every piece was white. Took 25,000 hours and 45,000 rivets.”

Pfahl is restoring a 1939 Mack FG C-cab, it's rare (162 built, he knows of six still in existence, and only this one is still owned by the company that originally bought it)  and I found one and posted photos of it 8 years ago I wonder if it's one he knows about

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